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We bring to your attention an exclusive collection of completely natural soaps, handmade by traditional Arabic recipes and gained fame and popularity through the centuries because of their purity and natural ingredients.

Aleppo soap is healthy and beneficial for the skin, it nourishes, softens and refreshes it. It smooths wrinkles, helps hair grow and is good against dandruff, it's used in the fight against psoriasis and eczema. Does not contain animal fats, dyes, acids, flavors, antioxidants, chemical or synthetic derivatives.

"A Doctor has three assistants: a word, a plant and a knife .. Is what Avicenna said a thousand years ago and bequeathed to his followers to use the healing power of herbs. Oils, herbs, grasses and other natural ingredients, carefully selected in accordance with traditional Arab recipes tested by centuries of research. Each component has its own unique properties and blended, they create the unique effects of our products.

Our soaps contain the following additives: palm oil, jasmine, lemon oil, white musk, agarwood oil, rose oil, propolis, honey, black seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, safflower oil, ambergris, red clay, mountain herbs.

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